Pre-Production Milestones
• Pitch
• Concept
• Game Design Document
• Prototype

Pre-Production Deliverables
• As part of the Concept Milestone
o High concept
o Game’s genre
o Gameplay description
o Features
o Setting
o Story
o Target audience
o Hardware platforms
o Estimated schedule
o Marketing analysis
o Team requirements
o Risk analysis
o Infrastructure Requirements
o Cost schedule / P&L / Budget

Production Milestones
o First Playable / Finding the fun
o Vertical Slices
o Alpha
o Feature Lock
o Code Freeze
o Closed Beta
o Open Beta
o Live

Production Deliverables
• Game Design Document
o Table of Contents
o Introduction/Overview
o Game Mechanics
o Artificial Intelligence
o Game Elements
o Story Overview
o Game Progression
o System Menus
• Story Bible
o Story outline is in design document, the story bible fleshes out the story
o Plot and Story Flow
o Detailed Story Flow
o Detailed Characterizations
o Backstory
• Scripts
o The Dialog that occurs in the game
o Tree structure that controls dialog
• Art Bible
o Concept sketches
o Resources for artist
o Look and feel
o Art styles
o Technical guidelines
• Technical Design Document
o Sister specification to Art Bible and Game Design Document
o Discusses how functionality will be implemented.
o May include overall code structure, major classes, rendering architecture, AI design, etc.
o May contain pseudocode

Post Production Areas
• Maintenance
• Updates
• Support


I found another template which is from Chris Taylor:


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