1. Connect your console cable to the switch. 9600/8n1.
  2. Hold down the mode button on the front (underneath the LEDs to the left of the ports) of the switch and plug the power cable in. Hold it like this until you see the SYST LED go solid for a second (or just change blinking pattern) – this takes maybe 15-20 seconds. Let go of the mode button and you should see the SYST LED blink faster.
  3. Look back over at your terminal, you should see a “switch:” command prompt and some informational text, if so, enter the following commands in order (with enter between):
  4. flash_init
  5. rename flash:config.text flash:config.OLD
  6. You should see no errors during the above, if so, type boot and press enter.

From here you can reconfigure the switch from scratch if you like, or you can get into the switch and copy the config.OLD file into running memory and then change your passwords.


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