Install ESXi 5.5 on 4GB machine (and a Mac Mini..)

Let’s say you’re waiting for more RAM to come in the post and you want to get your ESXi instance up, but you’ve only got 4GB RAM (Think Mac Mini). Well, there is a solution.

By the way, if you’re installing ESXi on a Mac Mini, you NEED to look at this blog:

Let’s begin:

Boot the system from USB Stick with ESXi installer on it.
Once the installer welcome screen shows up, press alt+F1 to go to the first console (login prompt)
Login as root, no password.

  1. cd /usr/lib/vmware/weasel/util is where the magic happens.

  1. rm upgrade_precheck.pyc // (the compiled version)
  2. mv // because the file can not be edited due to some immortal flags and lack of tools to remove these flags
  3. cp
  4. vi // then search for line that has ((1024 * 2 ) – 32)

Replace the 32 with 64 and save (:w! in vi)

  1. ps -c | grep weas // find the PID
  2. kill -9 #### // where #### is the python PID

Return to the second console with installer (alt+F2)