iOS 10(.1) Yalu B3 Jailbreak Workarounds

Semi-Tethered Reboot Steps

  1. Hard reboot (vol down + power) or any reboot event happens
  2. Relaunch mach_portal
  3. Cydia should work again now!

No LTE/Mobile Data

  1. Ensure that mTerminal is installed
  2. su <enter> your password (default is alpine)
  3. Type following commands:
    1. chmod 777 /var
    2. chmod 777 /var/mobile
    3. chmod 777 /var/mobile/Library
    4. chmod 777 /var/mobile/Library/Preferences
  4. Reboot and then perform Semi-Tethered Reboot Steps again to activate jailbreak.

Installing TetherMe

Cydia tries to restart SpringBoard and will crash. It’s a known bug with Substrate and this version of iOS/Yalu jailbreak

  1. Install TetherMe via Cydia (this will require a SpringBoard reboot)
  2. Since the Cydia SpringBoard reboot isn’t working with this jailbreak, restart springboard the following way:
    1. Launch mTerminal (install via Cydia if needed)
    2. su <enter> your password (default is alpine)
    3. killall SpringBoard (this will cause a reboot)
    4. Run through the Semi-Tethered Reboot steps above to activate jailbreak again. Remember that you MUST do this EVERY time you crash or reboot.
  3. You will need to TEMPORARILY activate substrate to use TetherMe
    1. su <enter> your password (default is alpine)
    2. /etc/rc.d/substrate
    3. Close terminal
  4. Reinstall TetherMe via Cydia but DO NOT RESTART SPRINGBOARD, EXIT OUT OF CYDIA
  5. In Settings, you should see TetherMe in your list and will be able to enable Personal Hotspot now.
  6. You’ll likely have to do this every time you hard reboot. It sucks, but it works..

Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 6.18.22 AM