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Road Race 91 – Our New iPhone/iPad Game

Here’s our new game, now available in the App Store.

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River Run – Android & App Store iOS

Supporting another local developer’s first game! Only 99c. Some cool updates promised, and it has an interestingly unique control mechanism. Music is┬áhilarious. Out on Android and iOS now.

Buy it here – Google Android Store

Buy it here – Apple App Store

River Run

River Run – Can you catch all the fish and avoid the pitfalls of the river?

The river is overflowing with fish. Can you catch them all?

Watch out for Mr Speedy and Mr Shark!
Also, make sure you rush the river to gather all the gold.

River Run!! Rush those rivers!

Control your boat’s speed by swiping the screen. Really easy to control, and some fun music to enjoy for all the family.

Really, the music is great. Whistle while you work!

River Rush, Hunter, Fishing, Boat, Park Patrol, Boat Driver, Driving, Water, Rapids, River Run

River Run

River RunRiver RunRiver Run

iOS, iPhone

1. iOS SDK: Hello World

Create a new project:

  1. File -> New -> New Project
  2. iOS -> Application -> Single View Application
  3. Product Name: Hello World, Device Family: iPhone
  4. Uncheck “Use Storyboard”, Check “Use Automatic Reference Counting”, Uncheck “Include Unit Tests.
  5. Open up the xib file.
  6. Add a label to the main view.
  7. Change the text and the color.

Interface Builder

NIB File

The Library

New Project

The Finished Product