Give read permissions for all calendars Exchange 2003 

It may be the case that your users are fed up of sharing their calendars manually when they start working for you.. or when they need to.

There’s a tool called PFDavAdmin that will let you do this centrally. There’s also a tool called SetPerm which I *think* is command-line driven which I’ll document at some stage in order to automate this process..

Anyway, if you use PFDavAdmin.

  1. Open PFDavAdmin.
  2. Click File -> Connect.
  3. Enter Exchange server name and the Global Catalog server you wish to use.
  4. Select All Mailboxes, click OK.
  5. If you want to verify a single user’s calendar permission at the moment then expand any mailbox -> Top of Information Store -> Calendar -> [Right mouse button] Select folder permission.
  6. To go on and set all users: At the top of the treelist view, click Mailboxes.
  7. Click Tools Menu -> Set Calendar Permissions.
  8. Click OK at – “In the following folder permissions dialog, please configure the permissions you would like to set on the Calendar folders”.
  9. New permissions window opens, click Add.
  10. Choose a user window operns, click Browse.
  11. Select your domain then scroll to the bottom and select Everyone. Click OK.
  12. Select Permissions -> [Dropdown listbox] Reviewer, click OK.
  13. A dialog appears to remove permissions, just click OK.
  14. A progress bar will appear and the permissions will be set.

Please note: This will only work with English languages as the Calendar entry needs to be called ‘Calendar’.

I will update this with a command line solution at some point.